Why should I use Cashcrate instead of other sites?

Cashcrate is 100% legit, and there is alot of help and support for the site, I have found alot of help and questions answered through the forums on the site. If you post a question in a topic asking about something, within minutes tons of people will answer your question! I had a problem once where I didn't get credit for one of my referrals, I sent an email to cashcrate support, and within 5 hours my problem was fixed. The support team are very personal, you don't get a general email from a general name, you get a name and contact info of that individual who helped you.

Also Cashcrate has Point offers that allow you to buy items online using them, such as iPods, cameras, etc., you get rebates also. Cashcrate also has 24 hour daily surveys that are worth .80. You can take 2 daily surveys each day and get $1.60! Thats really good if you do that every day you'll end up getting alot of money when pay day hits!


Incomebooster.org said...

Ever heard about Santas Gifts All Year? It's way better then cashcrate because it's international. Review it on your blog and get a lot of referrals, because no one really knows about this paying site :)

Nothin said...

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