How I actually made some Money Online

Want something to make some easy money in your spare time? Then you gotta go to Cashcrate . I know, I know, at first I was skeptical and you probably are too. I never trusted any of those online survey sites. But a few months ago I tried Cashcrate . It really worked! About 20 days after my first month of membership, a check in the amount of my earnings arrived in the mail. I was fully convinced; Cashcrate is 100% legit.

I'm not gonna lie, it won't make you rich, but the more you put into it, the more you will receive. You only need to make twenty dollars in order for them to pay you, a feat which I accomplished in the first few days of my membership. I made a couple hundred bucks in my first few months of membership. (Like I said, it won't make you rich, but at least you get some money for basically clicking things in your spare time.) I bought a new iPod with this money, and I earned it by just filling out surveys and free cash offers!

More people make more money because of the number of referrals they have, you get 20% of what each of your referral makes, and 10% of what his/her referral makes. Not bad eh?
It is 100% free, all you need is a computer and some free time. When I'm not busy at work, I do some surveys. You have nothing to lose, give Cashcrate a try.
Here is the link to Sign Up:

What is Cashcrate?

Cashcrate is a site where you make money at your own speed. it's simple to do, all you are doing is filling out "yes/no" surveys and submitting them to Cashcrate and whatever the value of the survey that's what you get paid. The surveys are then registered under your "Pending Earnings" list, after a few hours, the surveys are confirmed and you get credited to your Earnings" list. People have made over a $1,000.00 in time. You can also do the same.

How do I start making Money?

Go to the Cashcrate home page and sign up, link is, Give your real information, Cashcrate won't send you any junk emails. Make sure you give your correct info to Cashcrate, or you will have problems receiving your check or paypal. Give your corrent name, telephone number and address.

But I recommend for the Surveys, you use a dummy email, it should be real email, but not your main email, create a dummy email with yahoo or gmail. You will get alot of spam if you use your main email. For the surveys, you can use a fake telephone number, but make it look real, your area code of the phone number should match the zip code you enter. You can use your real address for the surveys, the companies won't send you any junk mail, it costs them to do that, they would rather email you.

So after you sign up with Cashcrate there will be a bonus, to fill in your profile, once you complete it, you will receive $1.00. So far your on the right track.
On the Cashcrate site, is a forum, with alot of friendly people, ready to help. Contact me also if you have questions, my email is

Why should I use Cashcrate instead of other sites?

Cashcrate is 100% legit, and there is alot of help and support for the site, I have found alot of help and questions answered through the forums on the site. If you post a question in a topic asking about something, within minutes tons of people will answer your question! I had a problem once where I didn't get credit for one of my referrals, I sent an email to cashcrate support, and within 5 hours my problem was fixed. The support team are very personal, you don't get a general email from a general name, you get a name and contact info of that individual who helped you.

Also Cashcrate has Point offers that allow you to buy items online using them, such as iPods, cameras, etc., you get rebates also. Cashcrate also has 24 hour daily surveys that are worth .80. You can take 2 daily surveys each day and get $1.60! Thats really good if you do that every day you'll end up getting alot of money when pay day hits!

Paid Again by Cashcrate $200.31

Here is my December 2008 CashCrate Check.

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Another Cashcrate Check!

This is my October Cashcrate Check.

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My Cashcrate Check

Here are some pics of one of my Cashcrate checks. This is my September 2008 check, I made $45.20. Currently for October 23,08, I have made $79.95, hoping to get to $100.00

How Much Can I Make?

How much can you make with Cashcrate? The possibilities are going to surprise you. Granted, you will make more money with credit card offers, but you can make a great supplemental income just by doing the Free offers and the daily surveys.

Let's assume it is a 30-day month you do:

2 Daily surveys(1.60/day) x 30 = $48.00
5 Offers per day(.30 each) x30 = $45.00

so you've now paid for at least your cell phone bill each month!

Let's say you also do 5 $.75 offers a day x 30 = $112.50

So just by doing 12 things each day you make an easy $205.50 every month.

Now spend time getting some referrals and explain the same thing I just explained to you.

Each referral that does the same will get you (157.50 x .20) $31.50 each month

So let's say you get 10 referrals who only do half of that...

15.75 x 10 = $150.75

You are now making $356.25 a month.

Get 50 active referrals and that raises $7.86 per referral per month.

See the possibilities???

Cashcrate Videos

Here are some videos that will help you understand how to navigate the site, do surveys, and helpful tips & tricks. Reminder: any questions or queries, visit the forum on Cashcrate site or email me at

Tips & Guides for Cashcrate

Refer people by going to "referral info" getting your link and asking/ tell your friends to try the site out. tell them to at least get $10. if they get $10 you get a bonus of $3.00!!!! amazing!

Pending means that the site you filled out a survey on is still confirming that you filled it our correctly, and that you completed the survey. Once the pending is complete, you will see the amount transferred to the "Earnings" pool.

Sometimes a sponsor may put out multiple surveys about different topics. So I suggest after doing 2 or 3 surveys you clear your browser cookies, because the sponsor may not credit you for a survey because it thinks you are duplicating an offer, when your actually not. Sometimes you might have to clear your cookies after each survey, if you notice its from the same sponsor.

Use a form filler program, such as Roboform, there are many online. It will help speed up the process of filling out the surveys.

One of the "under-known, but should be said more often" tips is to filter the offers available as so:

1. Select 100% free offers
2.Select the "Rating"

The 100% free means that...well it costs you nothing to sign up (Nawww really? lol)

and the "Rating" means that those are offers that verify fairly quickly.

You can also go for the 100% free and payout which allows you to see the offers that are free to do, and are worth the most

Alright, Alright, you probably already know this.

My Bigggest tip to all the people who ask me about making bucks is to get referrals. I know it is pretty rough at first trying to get referrals, but in the end it is worth it. I make all my money off of referrals.

Here is what you do... you should sign up with a bunch of forum sites that interest you. Don't know where to look? Try google. Google is my best friend.

ok, so once signed up, all you do is make a signature regarding Cashcrate....Example:

I put how much money I have made and this good eye catcher:
If A 16 Year Old Can Do It....Why Can't You? Make A Move!

Now, since you are interested in the topics and threads floating around on the site, post as much as you can...but relating to the subject. The more you post, the more your signature gets looked at.

The more your signature is looked at, the more attention you will get.

People will click your link and WHAMMO! You have is a timely process.

Another good way is to make a youtube video...not necessarily with you in it...but of what the site offers, how easy it is...and such...then add your link in the description of the video...and even in the video.

Think of Youtube as a "Free Advertising Site" you can post videos on whatever you want there.